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[AddonFlare] (AJAX) Advanced Forum Stats 1.5

by YASAKA, 2019-06-05 - 18:11:01

 2019-06-05, 18:11:01
[Image: forum-stats-jpg.169385]

This add-on will display the following stats:
  • Latest Posts
  • Latest Threads
  • Hottest Threads (based on most replies in a set interval)
  • Most Viewed Threads
  • Latest Forum News
  • Latest Members
  • Most Liked Users
  • Top Thread Starters
  • Most Liked Threads
  • Most Popular Forums
  • Top Resources
  • Latest Resources
  • Plus Many More in future updates - we're open to suggestions

What's the point of having stats if they can't auto-refresh, right?
  • Stats will auto-refresh every X seconds (specified via admin setting)
  • Don't want to wait for the next refresh? No problem, simply click "Refresh Now"
  • Each user can also individually enable/disable auto-refresh

Please pay to unlock the content.
1 post = 1 coin, 1 thread = 2 coins
Make sure to read forum rules before posting to avoid getting banned.
Optional: You can also Purchase Credits or become a Exclusive Member and have all content unlocked.
[Image: yasaka.png]

 2019-07-12, 00:25:59
Thanks man, been looking around for this one

 2019-07-12, 01:02:39
thanks for posting gonna check it out