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How to host a warez, torrent, or streaming site

by YASAKA, 2019-05-31 - 17:38:24

 2019-05-31, 17:38:24
Things you will need:
  • Domain name
  • Server Hosting
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Intelligence & Coding skills
Domain names
The most bulletproof Domain TLDs are those which are not hosted near Europe, USA, and friendly countries to those two.
  • .CH - Switzerland
  • .IS - Iceland
  • .TO - Island kingdom of Tonga
  • .SU - Soviet Union
  • .WS - Samoa
  • .EC - Ecuador
  • .TW - Taiwan
  • .BZ - Belize
  • .LI - Liechtenstein
There are many more, but this is an example of domain TLDs which most of the torrent and warez sites are using nowadays.

Domain registrars
Reverse proxies
Notice: Upon DMCA request, Cloudflare will deliver your nameservers and server IP to the company that has filled a DMCA
  • - Read notice above!!
Your best reverse proxie would be the one you setup yourself on a second server (nGINX) from another company in another country. Then not needed for fast flux.

Server hosting
All of those hostings will ignore DMCA, but you should comply with DMCA takedown requests and remove them so you don't have more issues.
Notice: Do not use "Shared Hosting" plan, you need either VPS, Dedicated Server or Cloud Server.
  1. - They are ignoring DMCA completely.
  2. - Fully Ignoring DMCA. (VPS or Dedicated)
  3. - You must have a reverse proxy.
  10. (Reverse proxy must have)
  11. Fast flux
Use cryptocurrency for payments whenever you can.

Do not reuse any of your previous usernames/passwords/ images / etc on your new site. Make a new email on or just for you new website.

Remember: if you are sending emails, use always SMPT and custom mail server so it doesn't leak your origin server IP. Mails are the easiest targets to leak origin server IPs.

Make sure your backend server IP doesn't leak on sites like or

Always use VPN when connecting to your site admin panel, server panels and so forth.

... More to come
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