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MyBB18  [For 1.8] MySEO, improve SEO OnPage in your forum

by YASAKA, 2019-06-28 - 01:38:10

 2019-06-28, 01:38:10  Last Modified: 2019-06-28, 01:38:42 by YASAKA.
The MySEO plugin for MyBB combines and installs everything you need to optimize your SEO OnPage in your forum, improve your position in major search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, and improve social media integration with social networks like Google+, Facebook or Twitter. For example, adding meta keywords, meta descriptions, best titles, etc.
  • Meta keyword tags.
  • Meta descriptions.
  • Visual optimization of .
  • Verification of Google, Alexa, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Allows prevent user profiles, data and websites being indexed.
  • Apply change frequency and priority to sitemaps (requires Google SEO).
  • Translation of 404 Widget Google SEO, only for spanish forums (requires Google SEO).
  • Robots.txt completely adapted to not index URLs useless.
  • Settings for the extended tweets system.
  • Settings for the integration of Facebook Open Graph protocol.
  • Settings for the social integration of Google+.
  • Verification website on Pinterest.
  • NoFollow for every external link.
- How to install MySEO:
Like all other plugins.

- Optimize code of templates:
So that no confusion in your templates (eg title codes that already brings MyBB, if not removed may have duplications), follow these steps:

In template index:
Remove code tags and their content. Eg:

In template forumdisplay:
Remove code tags and their content. Eg:
<title>{$mybb->settings['bbname']} - {$foruminfo['name']}</title>

In template showthread:
Remove code tags and their content. Eg:

In template member_profile:
Remove code tags and their content. Eg:
<title>{$mybb->settings['bbname']} - {$lang->profile}</title>

- How to uninstall MySEO:
For proper identification, ALL the codes entered by the plugin are surrounded by the comment
<!-- Site optimized with MySEO 1.0 -->

To clear the codes (either to uninstall or modify the code) you just have to access the following templates and delete them, including html comments:
  • forumdisplay
  • footer
  • index
  • headerinclude
  • member_profile
Mods site:

[Image: yasaka.png]

 2019-07-09, 20:29:21
this is a nice implementation to me as well, google SEO is the wave.