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Origin Brute/Checker v1.1

by pycckuu, 2019-08-13 - 14:43:26

 2019-08-13, 14:43:26  Last Modified: 2019-08-14, 03:57:13 by YASAKA.
[Image: 2019081410571438e88d57d619e4c466cbc696ef5e1ce5.jpg]

Latest version (1.1):
List of changes
- Restored after a recent authorization update in the EA account.

- Improved algorithm for calculating the time until the completion of the check.
- Now accounts with Basic subscription are saved separately from accounts with Premier subscription.
- Changed the design of the Advanced Settings window.

- Added the ability to download proxies by reference + Auto-update proxies by link.
- Added display of the current progress of the program icon on the taskbar.
- Added two types of publications to the filter: Test Edition, Play For Free.
- Added a hint when entering the name of the game in the search bar.
- Added search history.
- Added additional options for searching.
- Added the ability to save search results in log and mailpass format.
- Added information to the log about the presence of an attached card and an attached Paypal.
- Added information to the log about the presence of a connected Xbox and PSN account.
- Added function for sorting accounts by games.
(Advanced Settings -> Files -> Sort accounts by games).

- Added selection of the proxy list mode. (
No. 1: In order.
No. 2: Randomly.
No. 3: Advanced.
(During the verification process, the program will add valid proxies to a separate list.
When a sufficient number of proxies is typed in this list (more than 20pcs), the program will start using them instead of the main list.
This mode is the fastest and is used by default, and also reduces the number of errors at times).

No. 4: Advanced (Tear).
(The list of valid proxies will be used only for enumeration)).

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