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Earned Achievements Achievements List Ranks List Top 10

Achievements List
Post Count Achievements
Icon Name Description
1250 Posts Create more than 1250 threads/replies
350 Posts Create more than 350 threads/replies
75 Posts Create more than 75 threads/replies
Thread Count Achievements
Icon Name Description
1000 Threads Create more than 1000 threads.
250 Threads Create more than 250 threads.
50 Threads Create more than 50 thread.
Activity Achievements
Icon Name Description
Master Online for 6 months
Verified Member 1 month online, offline will not count.
Pro User Online for 2 week
Good User Online for 3 days
Newbie Online for 1 day
Custom Achievements
Icon Name Description
Blue Team You are blue team
Defender One who has a lot of reported topics/posts
Designer Designer Show outstanding graphic designing skills
Free Award This is a free award for everyone
Helper Support another member
Member of The Month Be featured member this month
Owner Owner of site
Premium Member Upgrade to Premium Membership
Red Team You are red team
VIP Member Upgrade to VIP Membership
VVIP Member Upgrade to VVIP Membership
Yellow Team You are yellow team
Points Achievements
Icon Name Description
10000 Coins Have more than 10000 coins
5000 Coins Have more than 5000 coins
2500 Coins Have more than 2500 coins
1000 Coins Have more than 1000 coins
500 Coins Have more than 500 coins
350 Coins Have more than 350 coins
200 Coins Have more than 200 coins
100 Coins Have more than 100 coins
50 Coins Have more than 50 coins